The Summer Time interview with Anne-Laure Mais, aka Adenorah

The outfit that she never takes off in summer, the flagship trend of the season, her favorite dish or even her beauty routine… French influencer Anne-Laure Mais gives us the keys to a successful summer under the sign of style .
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With 600k followers on Instagram, influencer Anne-Laure Mais , previously known as Adenorah , is a leader in fashion trends. At the head of her label Musier Paris , infused with a Parisian "je ne sais quoi", and adopted by stylish girls, Bella Hadid in mind, the designer can boast of designing the ultimate wardrobe for the summer season. Her star creations are everywhere on Instagram, like the long Shirley skirt, upgraded with a tie at the waist to tie in the back, for a retro and ultra sexy allure. While summer is in full swing, the entrepreneur indulged in our Summer Time interview game, and reveals her fashion tips for summer 2020, but also her beauty routine, her movie, her dish, or even her favorite book for the season.

What do you think is the must-see trend for summer 2020?

The Row xxl thong, and the lace-up skirt, like La Romane or Shirley de Musier.


Your beauty routine in summer?

Very light, I try to put on makeup only when I go out at night, good hydration and regular exfoliation to make the tan last. In solar, I swear by Dior Bronze.


The outfit that you do not take off in summer?

Denim shorts, a men's shirt and a pair of flip flops.


The swimsuit trend that you validate?

The lace-up jersey , in the same spirit as the skirt.


A designer that you only wear in summer?

Eres and Realization By.


A smell that reminds you of summer?

Orange blossom.


Your favorite summer dish?

The melon ... without ham. For me it's either one or the other but especially not both together!


A film that reminds you of summer?

The swimming pool.


And a book?

"Love letter, without saying it", from Amanda Sthers.


Your ultimate muse in summer?

Romy Schneider.


The perfect outfit for a romantic dinner on the beach?

A flowing midi dress with straps.


Your favorite hairstyle in summer?

Hair tied with a clip.


Rather beach or swimming pool?

Swimming pool.


The destination where you dream of traveling?





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