"Umbrella Academy" Star Elliot Page, Formerly Known as Ellen, Comes Out as Transgender

The "Juno" actor announced via Instagram his new name and pronouns, along with a heartfelt message to the transgender community.
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Elliot Page—formerly known as Ellen Page—came out as transgender in a heartfelt Instagram post on Tuesday.

The actor, known for his work in Umbrella Academy and Juno, opened up to his followers with a short letter. "Hi friends, I want to share with you that I am trans, my pronouns are he/they, and my name is Elliot," wrote the Golden Globe nominee. "I feel lucky to be writing this. To be here. To have arrived at this place in my life."

In the letter, which has accumulated more than 2.5 million likes in less than a day, Page expresses his "overwhelming gratitude" to those who stood by him through this journey, and also offers his support to the larger transgender community. He writes, "I will offer whatever support I can and continue to strive for a more loving and equal society."

The X-Men star also calls attention to the "staggering" statistics on discrimination and violence towards trans people, which disporportionately impacts trans people of color, as well as the real-time ramifications of anti-trans policies. However, Page concludes with a personal message to the trans community, writing, "To all trans people who deal with harrassment, self-loathing, abuse, and the threat of violence everyday: I see you, I love you and I will do everything I can to change this world for the better."

Fans and other celebrities like Ilana Glazer, Ruby Rose, and Page's co-star Justin Min showed their support in the comments. The Umbrella Academy's Instagram account responded to the post, "so proud of our superhero!! WE LOVE YOU ELLIOT!!!" Page's partner Emma Portner also reposted the letter on her own Instagram, writing in the caption, "Elliot’s existence is a gift in and of itself."

Prior to coming out as transgender, Page has been vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ issues. In 2019, he spoke on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert about the celebrity-endorsed Hillsong Church's discrimination towards the queer community, stating plainly, “This needs to fucking stop.”

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