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Lady Gaga will play the wife of Maurizio Gucci

Lady Gaga will play Patricia Reggiani in the Ridley Scott film, dedicated to the tragic chapter in the history of the Gucci fashion house. It was Patricia Reggiani who was accused of the death of her husband. Maurizio Gucci was shot dead on the steps of his office in March 1995. This will be the second role of the pop diva in the movie after her success in the movie "A Star Is Born", for which she was nominated for an Academy Award
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The film is based on the book of Sarah Gay Forden, “The Gucci House: The Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamor, and Greed.”

Maurizio Gucci met Patricia in 1970, two years later they got married and lived together for twenty years. When Maurizio went to another woman and left his wife with two children, Patricia could not forgive the betrayal. However, several years passed after the divorce, and according to journalists, the reason for ordering the murder of her husband was not jealousy, but his decision to sell his stake in the family business of a Bahraini company. It is possible that Patricia loved luxury no less than her husband and simply panicked from the prospect of abandoning an almost royal lifestyle.

Before meeting with a representative of one of the leading fashion houses, businessman Maurizio Gucci, she was a simple girl who did not know luxury. But as soon as she knew luxury, it became her obsession. Legends went about Patricia’s spending, her cynical phrases are well known, for example, that “she would rather cry in Roll Royce than enjoy life on a bicycle”. In the end, she had to spend most of her life in prison. Yes, not the most luxurious place.

For organizing the murder of her husband, Patricia Reggiani Martinelli received 29 years in prison, about the same - three killers she hired and a psychoanalyst girlfriend, an accomplice to the crime.

It is known that her eldest daughter Alexandra once said that her mother is not a “black widow”, as everyone calls her, but a vulnerable little bird. ”

In 2017, Patricia was released ahead of schedule due to exemplary behavior.

Earlier it was reported that the role of Maurizio Gucci will be performed by Leonardo DiCaprio. This is not a fact, but it would be very interesting.

The release date of the film has not yet been announced.



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