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Sex and the City reboot: the girls will return (but where's Sam?)

According to the latest spoilers, one of the most followed series of recent years is about to return to the delight of fans
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2020 was supposed to be the year of the reboots, but due to the pandemic everything is postponed to 2021. From Gossip Girl (read all the previews here ) to Friends (about which there are news to discover here ) the best of the 90 'and 2000 is to go back. And the rumors on Sex and the City could not be missing. During the lockdown, the "dusting off" of the most popular series ever was a success in terms of ratings, as was the viewing of the much loved-hated films. What one wonders is if it's really possible an episode sequel right now that Carrie (Sarah-Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Samantha (Kim Catrall) are living the life they want, and mostly with a feud , anything but hidden, between Sarah-Jessica Parker and Kim Catrall that has been going on for years.

It would not be the first time that there are rumors of a possible return of this cult series made up of six series and two films, based on the novels of Candance Bushnell , although to date there has never been a concrete agreement that gave the official go-ahead to the project. At least until a few days ago, when Page Six - New York Post insert - reported that HBO would plan the reboot, with the airing of the new episodes right on the HBO Max platform.

Also for the 2021 version the setting would remain the legendary New York, to the delight of fans and all those who want to get passionate about the series, discovering it for the first time, in a new guise. The only doubt, at the moment, is about the character of Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall. Some time ago the actress declared that for her SATC was now a " closed chapter " forever: it will be difficult, therefore, that she will be present in the reboot, unless in the meantime she has not changed her mind. There is even talk of Sharon Stone as her probable replacement.

And how will fashion be? Who knows if Patricia Field (who now takes care of Emily in Paris, read here ) will return to dress the quartet, or the most glamorous trio in Manhattan. Everyone scrutinizes Sarah-Jessica Parker's Instagram profile, who has reiterated in a series of recent interviews that returning to play Carrie and her life in the current historical moment - ten years after the film - would be a great challenge, declaring that: " I'd like to see where I am today. The world has changed a lot since the show, but also after the movies. It would be interesting to know what Carrie thinks. " However, the news of the reboot, reported thanks to information from an insider, is still uncertain. At the moment, in fact, neither the spokespersons of HBO Max nor Sarah Jessica Parker, nor the rest of the cast, have yet to release any official statement.


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