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The first big event after pandemic: MTV VMA

MTV VMA takes place physically.
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In these months every industry has been severly tested due, but the music industry is one of the hardest hit in the pandemic process. If you think that keeping the industry alive is just a matter of listening to songs, you are wrong. Every concert held by famous stars, depends from the teams in the concert, ticket salespersons, concert area cleaners, and job opportunities for thousands of people. As such, the start of concerts due to the normalization process also means that there will be some relief from the economy.

In line with this information, hopeful news came from the MTV front. The fate of the MTV VMA award ceremony was uncertain until last week. With the approval of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the news arrived that the 2020 MTV VMA award ceremony will take place at Barclays Center in New York in August. As the governor declared on 29th June, the ceremony will be held entirely without spectators and in the light of COVID-19 protection measures. The performances will be shared on 5 iconic locations of New York. The audience part, on the other hand, aroused our curiosity by saying that it would be interesting in a virtual way.

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