On the cover this month: Harry Styles

Check out the pictures of Harry Styles' cover story for the December issue of L'Officiel Paris. A proof of how the singer has become a true contemporary fashion icon.
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Photography by Daniyel Lowden
Styling by Harry Lambert in Gucci

Who better than the iconic Harry Styles to embody a new decade - after appearing in the eyes of all as a member of One Direction in 2010, the musician and muse of Gucci's new fragrance: Memory of a Smell continues to inspire hysteria to a whole legion of fans with nostalgic rock sounds, as well as promotes messages of individuality and inclusion. In the last three years, Harry Styles has captivated the world. With the release of his Fine Line album on December 13, he is about to reach a whole new level of influence... just in time for the New Year.

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Disney X Gucci © Disney

Where is the real magic? From his hit albums to his sold-out shows and performances on SNL, Harry Styles never gives the impression to be forcing things. The style of the musician plays for many: with an irresistible eccentricity going hand in hand with a tendency to push the boundaries between genders, he recently took the World Wide Web by surprise with his video "Lights Up", a true ode to sexual fluidity and magic mushrooms consumption.

So it's only logical that after years of building a reputation as a style icon - with a haircut to drop, a dangerously unbuttoned silk shirt and a butterfly tattoo - Harry Styles associated with the Italian house Gucci, not hesitating for a second to pose with baby animals and to wear ultra daring looks (special mention for the one he wore on the red carpet of the last MET Gala). His meeting with the artistic director Alessandro Michele is a perfect creative marriage, and their collaboration has recently taken into a new step with Gucci Memory of a Smell, in which the young man is the face. Harry's face and personality could not fit better the perfume: with a fabulous free spirit, he can, by his presence, arouse strong emotions in others. Now it has an olfactory identity in the fragrance Gucci Memory of a Smell.


Faithful to himself, Harry Styles shook the whole Internet by unveiling the cover of his new album Fine Line wearing a look worthy of Bowie in modern days. He does not break the rule by appearing on the cover of the December issue of L'Officiel Paris, also dressed by Alessandro Michele for Gucci. Everything in this coverstory, from the perfect choice of daring clothes to the fact that gives Mickey Mouse a cooler appearance than ever. This helps to explain why the world is so obsessed with this truly contemporary icon.

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