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Cameras, photographers, haute couture, impeccable makeup and jewels that illuminate the most spectacular and shining night of the year: the Oscars. Each of us has dreamed at least once in their life to walk that red carpet, to wear their dream dress, and to have a drink with some of most famous stars in the world: a magical and unforgettable evening. The 92nd night of the Oscars saw Billy Porter as protagonist; American actor and singer also known for his eccentric taste in fashion, he surprised everyone with a Giles Deacon Couture dress inspired by the Georgian and precious beauty of Kensington Palace and with an opening musical number performed together with Janelle Monae that left everyone speechless. But it wasn’t the outfit neither their beautiful voices that captured the public’s attention becoming the object of desire: what stole the scene shined , was made up of 64.5ct of cultured diamonds and was around Billy's neck: it was the Lark & ​​Berry x Diamond Foundry's SUPERNOVA necklace created especially for the occasion. Inspired by "'the natural wonder of a celestial supernova" the necklace is a partnership between the Diamond Foundry company and the jewelry brand Lark & ​​Berry: the collaboration was a seamless integration of high couture jewelery elevated by conflict-free and sustainably cultured diamonds.

Wanted by everyone, unique in its genre, it's remained the forbidden dream of many for months, but the pain is over: Supernova is available again in a limited edition of 29 new pieces, all set in 18k White Gold while the original is distillied into elegant bracelets, earrings and necklaces. No other title could have been given to this collection: “Supernova” is a very bright stellar explosion and one of the most interesting phenomena ever studied and just like this, the collection is characterized by brilliance and elegance, a light point capable of illuminating any look, any day, any smile.

Timeless beauty and sustainability, this the basis of the collection by Lark & ​​Berry, the first jewelry designer in the world to use only cultured diamonds and stones: the brand's mission is in fact, to offer sustainable and ethical products and, at the same time, luxury objects to wear every day and that reflect the elegance and emotions of walking a red carpet: Supernova gives you the opportunity to take a piece of Oscar in your daily life, remainding you to always aims for the stars.

No less important is the brand's ethic and reforestation mission: for every purchase made, 5 trees will be planted around the world to help restore the earth's biodiversity. An simlar ethical approach is the one of Diamond Foundry, an American industry that uses only renewable energy, becomes the first diamond producer in the world to be certified carbon neutral. No wonder why the two company collaborated together.

Be bright and sustainable has never been more easy


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