L'Officiel Lithuania stylist Irina Cybina recommends TOP 10 fall's purchases

Stilsite Irina Cybina presents this season's top ten must-have fashion outfits, from outdoor clothing to accessories.
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A warm jacket with a wide belt is perfect for cold days.

Jacket, Prada , 1900 Eur.

Buy a distributed shirt. Play with patterns in the fall - look for boxes printed like, for example, not solid colors.

Shirt, Acne Studios , 340 Eur.

To keep you from freezing on a windy day, put on a knitted beanie -type hat. Don’t be afraid of brighter colors.

Hat, Acne Studios , 120 Eur.

For comfortable and stylish walks - classic style shoes with a thick and rough sole.

Shoes, Prada , 852 Eur.

For both work and leisure, there is a small tote -style handbag printed in classic writing.

Handbag, Burberry , 1150 Eur.

The new model of the autumn season jeans is a raised torso, a silhouette spread around the thighs and snug around the hips.

Jeans, Maison Margiela , 463 Eur.

Decorate - a massive minimalist style metal chain. You will be able to wear it with an everyday sweater and jeans combination, as well as with a cocktail dress.

Necklace, Frame Chain , 209 Eur.

The classic cashmere scarf will fit both the non-binding and the business image.

Scarf, Burberry , 420 Eur.

Update your wardrobe with a classic trouser suit, this time choose not a oversized silhouette, but a more snug one. Extremely fashionable trousers with a high waist.

Trouser suit, Tagliatore , 422 Eur.

Time to get back to books! The ranks of fashion books have grown significantly recently, this time to read and admire Paris - Place Vendôme.

Assouline Publishing House Place Vendôme, 75 Eur.

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