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The glamour jungle of Dolce & Gabbana

An intricate forest of palms and lianas is the backdrop for the Dolce & Gabbana spring summer collection 2020, an elegant celebration of lush nature and exquisite tailoring.
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Luxurious and lush, the Dolce & Gabbana show for next season is a dreamy journey into the jungle, with an army of models emerging from the palm groves as modern nymphs. An authentic Urban Jungle that strikes as much by commercial proposal as by force of the message. Once again, in fact, uncontaminated nature is the protagonist on the catwalks of Milan: moreover, as we know, fashion has always been a mirror of the times and a reflection of interiority, but never as today is the realization of those renewed ecological sensitivities that are moving the consciousness of half the world. The frames of the Amazon Forest in flames seem a sad memory, because from Dolce & Gabbana nature is dreamy and alive and it seems that finally it has got the better of human delusions: a riot of flowers flourishes both on the hairstyles and on the short dresses and midi from the silhouettes impeccable, along with parrots, zebras and giraffes peeking over silks, chiffon and raffia. Just the raffia is the protagonist of some of the masterpieces of the collection, precious handmade clothes with crochet technique by Tuscan basket artisans, a refined celebration of manual skill and a primitive way of thinking about fashion and elegance. The animal, an iconic Dolce & Gabbana signature since its origins, is revived in all its forms on the splendid prints of clothes and accessories, while captivating Saharan outfits become the perfect uniform of this glamorous safari.


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