The Imaginaire Collection by Daniel Roseberry

"Imagination and dreams can be profound, but they are even more so when they become action." Daniel Roseberry said for his Haute Couture Fall Winter 2020-21 collection: "Without putting our dreams into practice, these abstractions would be denied their ultimate power."
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Schiaparelli for the digital couture week conceived by the Parisian Haute Couture et de la Mode Fédération shows his Collection Imaginaire created during the quarantine by Daniel Roseberry. As the title itself recalls, not a real and concrete collection but the development of his creative process, a video in which the American designer draws his sketches in the park during the lockdown due to the health emergency due to Covid-19. "Three months ago I was stuck in New York while making a quick return trip to the United States, and the Maison Schiaparelli took a break. Each has its own history of isolation, some heartbreaking, some tragic, others of total solitude. The lucky ones were able to spend time in nature, far from city life. My experience was shared with millions of other New Yorkers: it was privileged, but nothing extraordinary. " Roseberry remarked: "It was extraordinary to be able to walk in Washington Square park on a Monday morning and to sketch a Haute Couture collection. A very special collection for me."
Alone Daniel Roseberry carried on his Haute Couture Fall Winter 2020-21 collection away from the headquarters of the French Maison. A tribute to the great Elsa Schiapparelli who made the dreamlike dimension and imagination become her distinctive and long-lasting signature: "Elsa's dedication to the surreal, the fascination for the inversion of everyday reality, has never been like this This collection is full of tributes to his work and his obsessions, made in my own way, in terms of a contemporary language. "


The looks of the collection




Schiaparelli Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2020/21
Collection Imaginaire by Daniel Roseberry
Film directed by Christophe Tiphaine
Creative direction Daniel Roseberry
Music & sound design Ben Brunnemer
Motion design Superlovers
Video capture Alex Rapine

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