Jennifer Aniston's 'Friends' Haircut, the Rachel, is Back

During Jennifer Aniston's heydey on Friends, the Rachel was the hottest hairstyle. Now it's back.
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Just after its long-awaited reunion, one of Friends' favorite trends is back. During the '90s, Jennifer Aniston's beloved character, Rachel Green, was a popular reference for the decade's fashion and beauty trends. Her haircut, in fact, became known as the Rachel for its impact on the culture of the time

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Although, in an interview with Allure, in 2011, Jennifer Aniston revealed that this cut was the “ugliest she has ever seen”, the public seemed to disagree with her, and over the years he has won several adherents - from Jennifer Lopez to Selena Gomez .


Now the look returns with everything, even appearing on red carpet! How can we forget when Renée Zellweger arrived at the Golden Globe 2021 with a reinterpretation of "The Rachel"? Another famous person who also adopted the cut was Chrissy Teigen, who in 2020 bet on the powerful air he could bring. Check out other famous people who have already used the look and get inspired!

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