Freckles are One of This Season's Hottest Trends

Freckles, real or fake, are one of the biggest trends in beauty this spring.
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Women with freckles were considered special sun lovers and even goddesses in ancient Greece. Later, these pigment spots became a point of embarrassment. They were bleached with potassium cyanide and masked with lead powders. In the long run, measures to kill freckles ceased to be life-threatening, but freckles themselves were still often considered an undesirable deficiency. 

Recently, freckles have not only ceased to be a flaw but have even become a fashionable pursuit. Charming, youthful, and selective freckles are one of the biggest and hottest beauty trends of this spring, noticeable both on the catwalks as well as fashion and beauty guru Instagrams.

Natural freckles are no longer hidden under thick, strongly masked powders, and for fashionistas who do not have natural freckles, cosmetic products specifically designed to give one freckles have appeared on the market. In addition to the usual brown colors, there are also images of colorful and shiny freckles, inviting you to enjoy playful and sun-safe kisses.




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