Favorite hair accessories from the 90s are back

The loops that were a fever at the time return in times of nostalgia and practicality
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How not to love a direct trend from the 90s ? The decade is a strong inspiration for current fashion, bringing a fun and fashionista touch to exquisite productions. An example of this was the scrunchies, which gained prominence for their stripped and vintage look. Now, the hair accessory that is winning over celebrities and influencers takes us directly to a school look, more relaxed, and that can be used in several ways: the barrettes!


In the clip for the song " Break Your Heart ", the singer Dua Lipa revives the presilhinhas, which appear in almost all scenes and return to being an absolute desire.

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This season, the accessory is used to directly attach the front of the hair, framing the face, bringing comfort to those who need to attach the fringe strands of the bangs, and of course, elevating the look in a relaxed way.


From the small and classic versions, such as metal or pearl ones, to the most extravagant with bold models and full of sparkles, the opportunities are many! Get inspired!

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