5 books to get you into Halloween's spirit

Suspense, murders, darkness and fears: these the ingredients for a good blood-curdling story
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The scariest night of the year is coming this Saturday: Halloween! Sadly this time there won’t be any crazy parties or adorable kids trick or treating around dressed as witches, ghosts and vampires, but this doesn’t mean that Halloween's spirit is cancelled; it’s possible to experience the spooky night in a whole different way, and I'm here to tell you how.

Picture this in your mind: October 31st, darkness all around, inevitable rain pours down, cold and fog gives a surreal atmosphere to the city, streets are deserted, no one's around, silence reigns supreme. Scary isn’t it? But there is something that would make your evening even more frightening, and we're not talking about watching a movie: this one is for old romantic souls who get lost in imaginary worlds,  fall for fictional characters and are fascinated by long descriptions full of details.

5 books that can’t be missed in your library, 5 books that will keep you bated breath until the end: twists and turns, blood, murders, fear and terror! Grab some hot tea, get under the blankets and let yourself be carried away by these stories. From great classics to new ones, here ours picks:

Southern France and it’s glamorous romantic atmosphere has a different taste in this book: there’s a killer in Monte Carlo and he announces his heinous acts in advance with desperate phone calls and ties his crimes together with songs that point to his victims; he then mutilates them and removes their faces. 597 pages in which the author takes you step by step into the spiral of murders, the psychology of the killer and the intuitions of the detectives. Not even true love could keep you up all night like this book does , I Kill will be your new obsession.


I Kill, Giorgio Faletti

This is a classic, and I strongly think that it's impossible that someone hasn’t read it; but I’m also convinced that many are satisfied by only seeing the (mostly poor) cinematic versions, empty of details and descriptions, things that made Frankenstein Frankenstein. In addition, it is written by a nineteens years old girl (yes, 19!) and deals with issues and ask questions that are extremely modern and we need them more today than yesterday. 

The Frankenstein myth was born in 1818 and is still one of the most loved one, long life to Mary Shelley forever!


Frankestein, Mary Shelley

I'm a huge fan of Norway and its cities: snow falling down painting streets in all the shades of white, freezing cold that makes you wrap around oversized coats and scarves and breathtaking landscapeds; but I must admit that even the picturesque Oslo seems a lot scary when described by Jo Nesbø’s words: The Snowman is a mix of suspense, twists and the inevitable humor of detective Harry Hole. If ,once you've finished reading it, you want to drop everything and work in forensics, it's all normal, trust me.


The Snowman, Jo Nesbø

Trying to explain what House of Leaves is about, it's so complicated that I don't even start. An horror that becomes a love story, an house that is impossibly larger on the inside than the outside, manuscript, multiple narrators, pages that contain only a few words or lines of text, arranged in strange ways to mirror the events in the story. You’ll be transported into the House’s world and it won't let you go. Brilliant, satirical and ingenious, Unmissable.


House of Leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski

Postmortem, the first book with heroine Kay Scarpetta is a must-read and so detailed and well written to leave even those who are always sceptical about crime books, speechless. Kay is not a detective but a doctor and succeeds in the difficult task of making science looking adventurous, intriguing and charming. The killer is one, the victims are many but the certainties are none. The main charachter walks on a tightrope, are you ready to walk hand in hand with her?


Postmortem, Patricia Cornwell

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